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Big Boomerang: Some workers want their old jobs back after Great Resignation

A recent study found that one in five workers regret quitting their old job while an almost equal amount expressed remorse about their new gig.

NORFOLK, Virginia — As COVID-19 pandemic protocol changes and folks head back into the office, some who took part in the “Great Resignation” are now having "great regrets".

According to a "USA Today" poll, one in four workers who regret switching jobs admit they didn't weigh the pros and cons enough before leaving. Hampton Roads Career Engineer Francina Harrison is hearing those stories from some clients who now realize, money isn't everything.

"No doubt, remote working or a hybrid schedule is still a big game-changer and people are still looking for that," Harrison said. “But some folks who just jumped and got the signing bonus went somewhere and found out the engagement or the environment was worse than what they left.".

In this "Great Resignation" or "Reshuffle" movement, those with regrets are called "Boomerang Employees".

Harrison said if you left on decent terms, the chances are good for you to go back to your old employer.

She explained, "The benefit to the employer is onboarding is easier, you know the company, you know the culture and you can kinda get right in. However, the big worry is, what if this person does this again?”

Harrison said if your employer hasn't reached out to you about returning, there is a way for you to inquire about it.

"Just be professional about it," Harrison said. “Say hey, you know yes, I went for a different lawn, I thought it was greener, but I kinda miss what we had. Can we have a conversation over coffee, offer Skype?"

And Harrison advises not to expect this job candidate's market to last forever. Strike while the iron is still hot. But be sure to take the time to research and ask the right questions during the interview process for a new gig.

"The management style, how did this company handle the COVID stress? What are they doing now to empower their employees?” Harrison said.

According to Harrison, if you are struggling to find a job, you should seek professional coaching and have your resume and LinkedIn site reviewed and updated.

"We have 11 million job openings, so if you are in the market and you're having a hard time, you're doing something wrong," she said.

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