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A woman needed almost $10K in unemployment benefits. She decided to 'Get McGinty'

With an upcoming wedding, the money hold-up was not good timing for this family.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Another payday for another family in need.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. But no matter the state, the story is the same, people are struggling to get what they are owed.

The problems are all sounding the same.  Delays upon delays.  WCNC Charlotte has heard from people as far away as Hawaii, Washington state, Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, all saying their state unemployment systems seem slow and clunky, and the benefits are stalled.

Here in the Carolinas, WCNC Charlotte reporters have helped people get more than $1 million in money that was owed to them through state unemployment systems.

One such person in need of help was Linda

“And I tried calling and emailing, it was near impossible to get through,” she said of her experience with her state unemployment system.

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Linda had been waiting for four months. She emailed WCNC Charlotte, and we emailed those in charge.  That led to a phone call and money in her account within a day -- unusually fast this time.

And the amount she got back?

“I got back $9,910," she said. "It was a relief given we have an upcoming wedding."

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In this case, wedding vendors are being paid and bank accounts being replenished.

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