VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – If you're looking for a way to remember the Lynnhaven Fish House, you're in luck.

The owners are saying everything must go during their auction on Tuesday.

"Everything" means all the items and intellectual property.

The President Atlantic Asset Management Group, William Summs said, “This [auction] is a real opportunity for someone local to step up, and buy the rights to Lynnhaven Fish House, and everything that goes with it. Phone numbers, website, customer lists, menus.”

The award-winning seafood restaurant on Starfish Road is closing after decades of serving customers. The property will turn into a parking lot for the Westminster-Canterbury retirement community.

Owners Tommy and Christopher Kyrus remember the good times, the food, customers and employees.

"There's nothing like fresh fish. If it wasn't fresh, it wasn't here," said Tommy.

"Thank you Tidewater, thank you for all the great customers we've met and look forward to seeing everybody in the future," added Christopher, who said he would like to open up another restaurant.

"I want to stay in this business, I enjoy this and hopefully whoever makes the purchase on the intellectual, we can negotiate to relocate. But the key is, you gotta have the food and you gotta be on the water," he added.

“We’ve always loved the Lynnhaven Fish House. We moved here 10 years ago from the desert and it was the first place we ate when we moved here,” said Lynnhaven local Kara Briseno.

Anyone can show up to Tuesday's auction in person or online.