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CLICK HERE: Amazon's Snow Blower and Snow Thrower Sale

Where were these deals one week ago? Welcome to the world of price drops propelled by consumer demand. Before I get to the deals, I want to explain a little bit about how price drops work.

I've been hunting down deals for about two decades. Years ago, when there was high demand for a product, you would rarely see a deal. Merchants always understood that while demand was high, folks were willing to pay full price. At the height of winter when shoppers were searching for shovels, few promotions were ever available.

These days, in the world of algorithms, apps and e-cookies based on your browsing history, the more an item is searched for, the more incentives we typically see as stores try to capitalize on traffic.

After millions of web searches this past weekend for snow removal products and some chaotic weather across the country, Amazon is slashing prices across the board on snow blowers. The incentives are fantastic.

My favorite deal is for a Snow Joe rechargeable snow blower below. Keep in mind that prices can change at any time:

BUY IT NOW;  $152 off Snow Joe iOn Cordless Rechargeable Battery Snow Blower
Was: $400.00
Now: $248.00

And if you are looking for a larger assortment of snow blowers on sale, you can find them right here. That quick free delivery makes things even sweeter this time of year.

CLICK HERE: Amazon's Snow Blower and Snow Thrower Sale


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