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BUY IT NOW: $21 Off Original Macadamia Nut Oil TWO Bottles + Free Shipping

Want to add more flavor to your summer grilling and any other recipe? You'll want to check out this deal that only drops two or three times each year.

Foodies call it "Liquid Gold" and some doctors say it's better than butter or olive oil. Say hello to macadamia nut oil.

In his book "Let Food Be Your Medicine," Dr. Don Colbert wrote that certain types of olive oil and macadamia nut oil are linked to reversing and possibly preventing dementia and Alzheimer's. Olive oil is unsafe at high cooking temperatures. This oil is safe!

Health and nutrition expert Dr. Derek Alessi added that macadamia nut oil brings the following to your table:

  • No. 1 as a heart-healthy cooking oil or for salad dressing
  • No. 1 for cooking at high heat
  • No. 1 for skin and hair improvement

While many specialty grocery stores in the U.S. sell macadamia nut oil, the original and best-tasting brand we've tested — Mac Nut — comes from Australia. It's usually impossible to find in stock with free shipping and at a discount. If you do see this deal on other websites, there are added shipping charges or the brand is a knock-off.

Macadamia oil:

- Is super healthy and delicious!

- Tastes like butter

- Better for you than olive oil

- Heart healthy

- Great at high heat - is also excellent for frying, marinades, cooking, dipping and baking

- No. 1 oil of doctors, fitness experts and nutritionists

Mac Nut oil is more stable and much healthier than canola, olive or coconut oil with a richer buttery flavor and high in mono-saturated fats. Click the play button to hear a doctor explain the full benefits.

My favorite deal today gets you two bottles for under $27 with quick free delivery. At the time this article was written, the best price on Amazon was $19.25 for ONE ($32.50 for two bottles); the deal I found is $13.50 per bottle. Despite a lot of stock, this will sell out!

$21 Off Original Macadamia Nut Oil TWO Bottles + Free Shipping


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