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It's incredible how many different deals are online right now as we count down to the Memorial Day weekend. Retailers are doing everything possible to capture your attention, and if a cruise is something you'd consider, there are astounding deals on the horizon.

Taking into account where cruise prices were this time last year and the types of incentives being offered this year, prices are 15 to 20 percent lower right now even with the cost of food and fuel inflation.  

A reminder that loyalty goes a long way with regards to cruises so if there is a cruise line that you have enjoyed before, I recommend re-booking with them on top of the discounts being offered below. If you have traveled with Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises or Celebrity Cruises, I will break down the best incentives being offered right now.

On the entry level side of the cruises market and also taking into account the mid level, Carnival Cruise lines is offering the following: 

  • Three-to-five day cruises with prices as low as $189 (check the month of October!!)
  • Free price protection
  • Deposits from $49
  • Sale runs until May 31

On the mid-to-high end of the cruise market, Royal Caribbean International is offering the following:

  • Five-night cruises with prices as low as $292
  • 50 percent off the second guest!
  • Additional incentives and discounts tied to onboard upgrades
  • Sale runs through the Memorial Day weekend

And on the high end level of the cruise market, Celebrity Cruises is offering the following:

  • Guaranteed lowest rates
  • 50 percent off your third and fourth guests
  • Seven-night Alaska Southern glacier cruises with prices starting at $479
  • Additional $200 in onboard savings on the more expensive cruises
  • Sale runs until Friday

Want to search all of the best deals in one place? Priceline has the most current listing of the best deals right here. Bon Voyage!


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