Even the fanciest and most well-equipped cars on the market are often under-equipped when it comes to powering your tech, especially in the backseat!

In my continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today a coupon to keep your kids under control and bring power to your whole car.

The iMagitek Quad Port Car Charger takes the power from your front seat and adds two additional ports to your back seat for under $16. You can power two smartphones or tablets in the front seat, while passengers in the rear can power tech and stay entertained.

Today's deal expands your cigarette lighter or DC adapter into four ports for iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and virtually any other device powered by USB. On a road trip, it's a life-saver and on a typical commute, it's an ideal companion.

Click the play button to see how I hooked this up inside my car! Features include:

- The most powerful car charger on the market
- Safely powers virtually any USB device including iPhone X, Samsung and older smartphones
- Ready for Android, Apple, Windows and entertainment on the go
- Keeps your devices safely charged during inclement weather for emergency calls
- Provides endless hours of movie watching or entertainment on the go
- Plugs into a vehicle's DC adapter or cigarette lighter
- Special CES 2018 promotion price
- Outperformed 8 other nearly identical models at similar pricing
- iMagitek is one of the top-rated tech brands on Amazon

50% Off iMagitek 4-Port Front and Back Seat Vehicle Charger + Prime Shipping
Was: $31.98
Now: $15.99
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