Today we celebrate the fastest-charging smartphone and tablet chargers that will lower your home energy costs and not over-charge your tech.

Using one of the new technologies on display at CES in 2018, today's deal is all tied to that Las Vegas momentum trickling through the tech industry this week.

How many chargers do you have plugged in right now? More importantly, how often are your chargers plugged in with nothing connected? Those chargers that come with your smartphone or tablet are often slow, a power hog and costing you a lot of money per year in power consumption costs.

That all changes today with what is the best-rated charger and best-rated power management device I've tested: The iClever. The iClever ensures the fastest charging and is up to 80 percent faster than competing chargers.

Click the play button to watch the iClever handle everything from a demanding iPad Pro to a Samsung phone, Android device and two different types of iPhones.

- Chargers four times faster and more efficiently

- Qualcomm QC 3.0 Technology on the iClever BoostCube provides the most efficient and fastest charging at up to 80 percent in 35 minutes

- Portable and super compact

- Charge up to four devices safely simultaneously

- Lifetime support guarantee

- Works with virtually any tablet or smartphones (Bluetooth, Android, Amazon, Windows)

- Special reduced price following CES 2018

$15 Off iClever Fast Charging BoostCube 4 Port Charger + Free Prime Shipping

Was: $33.99

Now: $17.99

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