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Why are some items inflation proof?

While prices on a lot of goods are up some are stable and others are falling.

HOUSTON — Why are some items inflation proof?

Inflation has hit a lot of us pretty hard. Everything from gas to meat is costing more than it did a year ago.

That can make it tough to keep your budget balanced, but there are some products that are not being affected by rising prices.

Those include items called “loss leaders" which include products like Costco’s legendary $1.50 hot dog.

Stores will sell items like that hot dog below cost to lure in shoppers, knowing you will probably spend money on other things while you are in the store getting that hot dog.

According to the Consumer Price Index, there are also products not affected by inflation that are not loss leaders.

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While a lot of food has gone up in price, tomatoes and potatoes have seen only a minimal increase.

Experts say that’s because they are easy to grow and less affected by supply chain disruptions.

Prices are also remaining stable for things like cosmetics, eyeglasses and jewelry.

Some products have even seen prices fall.

The Consumer Price Index shows the price of televisions are down 9.5%, while smartphones are down nearly 20%.

That can probably be traced back to the early days of the pandemic.

People rushed to purchase items to keep them entertained during lockdowns, but demand has now fallen along with prices.

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