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Benefits of filing your taxes early

Statistics show filing your taxes early gets you a bigger refund.

If you’re one of those people who waits and waits to file your taxes you could be missing out on hundreds of dollars.

Here are four reasons to file your taxes early this year:

  1. According to numbers from the Internal Revenue Service, people who file by late February receive a refund of $400 more on average. It could be because people know ahead of time that they’re getting a refund and are motivated to receive it sooner, but it’s also important to consider the earlier you file, the more time you have to consider all the tax credits and deductions that can boost your return.
  2. Say goodbye to that tax-deadline stress floating over you for months.
  3. Early filers are better protected during tax season from identity theft. Why? Because you’ve already filed, and that means tax refund crooks can’t use your social security number before you do to snag your refund.
  4. If you use a CPA or tax professional, you know how busy their schedules get during crunch time. If you reach out to them earlier it’s much easier to fit into their schedule.

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