WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- Remember the Italy section of Busch Gardens and the wonderful live performance area? Well next to that was the restaurant where you would walk in and grab your tray and select a wide variety of Italian delights.

Now, that whole area has been redesigned and is a new restaurant called Marco Polo Marketplace. Fresh pizza and fresh Mongolian barbecue and fresh lamb, as well as steak and beef are on the menu.

I was shadowing the assistant to Head Chef Jonathan Berlict.

"Well you have to be attentive to what you are doing," the chef told me.

"There's actually a lot of action going on everyday in the kitchens. But you also have to be extremely friendly. You have to be extremely personable," he said.

There is fresh pizza out of the oven. A huge Mongolian grill that makes all sorts of Asian dishes. And lamb and steak and beef are being cooked right before your eyes. This Marco Polo Marketplace is going to be a big hit.

So how would I do in here with this culinary crew?

"I think you have some good talent. You have a future in cooking," concluded chef Berlict.