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Joe's Job: Dressing to work in cold weather

Joe's Job theme during February is all about working cold weather jobs.

So our Joe's Job theme during February is all about working cold weather jobs. One of the essential elements is wearing the right clothing for those cold weather jobs. Larry Friedman is a third generation owner operator of M & G Supplies. Sometimes known as the Army Navy Store in past era's.

"What I'm holding here is a sub zero refrigerwear glove," he told me.

"It is designed for heavy work and to stay real warm," he added.

He showed me another pair that looked more stylish and Larry wears them all the time. Made of neoprene and more flexible. They cost thirty dollars, From gloves we moved into coveralls. Carheart is the brand and they felt great. They say they are good for a temperature of thirty below. Another pair is meant for even colder weather. And right on cue a longshoreman walked in and bought a pair. His name is Duane Brown and he told us what he wore before?
"Oh I just doubled up. Two pairs of sweats. Two pair of long underwear. But I think these will definitely keep me warm. They feel very comfortable too," he said.

We found some industrial strength work boots and then some socks to go with them. Wigwam socks.

"This is the absolute warmest sock it is a minus forty degree sock," said Larry

"I had one of my employees field test one and he came back with a rave review. So we decided to stock these," he said.

Of course we checked out long underwear. Larry had some great military issue long johns and matching top that closes at the top. An essential according to Larry to stay warm. All this set me up for next week's cold weather job. Working on the Lesner Bridge makeover.

"You will be exposed. There's going to be wind and a chill factor. But I am confident you will be ok and you won't be mad at me," concluded Larry.

I shook his hand and said I will let you know next week.