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Joe's Job: HRBT Patrol Crew

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Just mention the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and you will get a reaction from people. Imagine if it is your job to work there?

I was invited to shadow Jeff Rowe who works on the patrol crew. He's worked here for 25 years.

There are 30 million cars that travel the HRBT each year. 30 million! On this day we were all about stopping traffic to catch trucks that were too tall.

"I think my right arm is about four inches longer than my left for doing this," said Rowe as he waved cars to keep coming.

There is a $1,000 citation for drivers who's trucks are too tall. 13'6" going westbound and 14'6" for eastbound traffic. Way back at 4th View St., lasers measure truck heights and at the weigh station they are measured again and told to get off if they are too high.

"Or the truck driver has the option to peel off the interstate here at Willoughby and not get on the trestle and up to the south island and face that potential $1,000 fine," said Facility Manager Tim Berkhimer

So how would I do working here at the HRBT?

"Joe, you might have to have a little out but we'll put you back with Jeff Rowe and probably get you up to speed here pretty quickly," said Berkhimer.

"Excellent," said Rowe.

"Glad to have you. We need good people. I'll take anybody you got right now. But you did good. Did good," he concluded.