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Joe's Job: Krispy Kreme

Making donuts

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- So there I was training to work at Krispy Kreme. But I cannot take my eyes off the river of donuts floating past me and then getting drenched in icing and drifting along the conveyor belt to be boxed. Hundreds and hundreds of dozens of donuts boxed each day in here.

"I would say you have to be fast," said experienced donut processor and assistant manager Tony Stephenson.

"Got to be good with your hands and you have to be able to multi-task," he added.

There are about eleven workers in this Virginia Beach Boulevard store during the day and about another eleven overnight. This is a twenty-four hour operation now and they turn out an unending array of tasty donuts to an every demanding public.

Diane Harlow has worked as a supervisor here for five years now.

"It takes an ambitious person.  Takes a big personality. Smiling. You have to be happy because you work with people every single day," she said.

And this was the store where James Brumsey Sr used to work. He was a very generous man and would go out of his way to donate donuts to so many non-profits for so many wonderful causes.

"Everybody misses him," said Stephenson

"And then some.  And then some," he concluded.

James Brumsey Jr. runs the store on Northampton Blvd.

So how would I do working the line here at Krispy Kreme?

"Joe Flanagan did really good," said Diane.

"Couple more weeks of training and he would fit right in. Great team member," she concluded.