NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- So there I was, interning as a book mobile librarian with the Norfolk Public Library.

Trying to check someone out with two books was a real challenge right from the start. My boss has spent 42 years with the Norfolk Public Library, and it's the only job Betty Goganious has ever had since college. She loves the fact that the mobile brings the library to places where people have a hard time getting out.

"And we also go to places for the seniors. The majority of the seniors are no longer able to drive or anything like that, so I think that is very important," she said.

I had to find out what my book mobile customers were looking for:

"I just like horror movies on these DVD's," said Early Junior Phillips.

Meanwhile, Paula Tolson picked up one of her favorites. "I just finished a book by [Nicholas] Sparks," she said. "He writes local books from North Carolina. Great stories."

So after a couple hours restocking books and assisting customers, I asked Betty how she thought I would do working with her...

"I think you'd be fine," she said. "You love working with people, and any time you have people skills, you do a great job," she concluded.