VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- So there I was high atop the Lesner Bridge under construction, training with McLean Construction safety officer Jay Murray. Our theme during the month of February for these Joe's Job stories has been Joe's Cold Weather Jobs.

"You can feel the wind picking up," Jay told me as we walked to the top of the bridge.

It's one thing to be cold working outdoors in and around the seven cities of Hampton Roads. But it's another challenge when you work on or near the water. Much colder. Like the waterman we met in the story on dressing for winter work at M&G Supplies, wearing coveralls that are good for 20 and 30 below is the way to go out here.

"Yeah I wear layers," said McLean laborer Lamont Willingham.

"Underneath these coveralls are three more layers so I am good and warm," he said.

Carpenter Robert Hoskins had no issue with the cold on this day.

"Uh to me it's average. We usually get in the cold and start working and try to enjoy ourselves and it helps once you get going," he said.

Project Manager Chris Wojtowicz deals with the cold and says he is just excited to be working on this project.

"It's a bridge that's going to last 100 years. There's not a lot of bridges going up like this in Virginia Beach and I'm really happy to be part of all this," he said.

So we managed to stay warm, but I had to ask Jay what he thought of my ability as a safety officer here?

"I think you'd do fine with a little more training," concluded Jay.