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Joe's Job: Top Golf

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- So there I was training with Ashley Miles. The job she was showing me was called a T-Liner.

We meet the guests as they come in and then escort them to their booth. At this Top Golf entertainment center, there are three levels and ample room. Those who work here are trained to have the right attitude and make it fun for everyone.

"It's just what we call edgy spirit," said Director of Operations Michael Matley

"We're bold, we're brave we like to take things to our team so they can improve things for the guests who can then relax and hit some balls and really be served by people who are people," he said.

Under Ashley's watchful eye I took a couple guys to their spot and pointed out the screen that had the variety of games to play. Each ball has a computer chip in it and there are a whole variety of challenging competitions here.

"Pretty much looking for that extra charisma. People that will go above and beyond not just doing the bare minimum at a job," she said.

"Really always keeping that edgy spirit. Caring. One team one dream mentality so, yeah," she continued.

And how would Joe Flanagan do here?

"A ha ha ha. I think we'd take you. If you're up for it," said Matley.

"You want to come? We'll have you," he concluded.