East Texas is gripped with a downright nasty cold snap which has frozen many area roads, and officials have spent all day helping those who get stuck in the mess. They have also issued warnings all day of the dangers about driving on the roadways due to the ice.

However, some are still trying to drive on these treacherous roads.

A video from Kristy Boyd has gone viral after she captured an 18-wheeler lose traction on an uphill slope in Longview.

The big rig was headed west on Hawkins Parkway near Longview High school, and nearly made it to the top before sliding back down and crashing into a traffic light!

Another car also started sliding backwards after losing traction on the road.

Boyd took the video Wednesday afternoon, and within the first hour she posted, it has already gotten 238K views, 1.4k reactions and has been shared over 12,000 times.

Please heed the warnings and stay home if at all possible.