MINNEAPOLIS — They say criminals aren’t smart. But whoever hit The Goddess of Glass in north Minneapolis certainly wasn’t lazy.

“At first, I was like, 'Holy Crap! How did they get it out of here?' and then I started to get mad," said Connie Beckers.

She's referring to the tiki statue that stands outside her store. Scratch that…that used to stand outside her store. The giant statue stands about 5 feet tall and weighs a whopping 300 pounds. Three hundred pounds!

“I had it in the front of the building, fully exposed, but the bottom was rotting, so I moved it to the patio, behind a gate, and I came into work Sunday morning and she was gone,” said Beckers.

The tiki wasn’t worth much, according to Beckers, but symbolized a lot. The statue was carved out of a tree that fell during the tornado that hit North Minneapolis in 2011. It was donated to The Goddess of Glass by someone who felt it had bigger meaning - perseverance. New life out of something that had been destroyed. So, understandably, Beckers wants it back.

“I would love to show up for work tomorrow and she’s right there where she belongs, with a note, 'I’m sorry,'” she said.

Beckers doesn’t want to press charges, and it’s not the cops she thinks the thieves should be worried about. I mean, it is a tiki statue.

“I would say there’s some bad karma attached with this, so if you want to avoid that, I think I’d bring her back. And as the Goddess of Glass myself, I will do all I can to release any bad karma that may be happening now. Just bring her back,” said Beckers.

No sarcasm. Beckers sounds sincere. So, it might be wise to do the right thing.