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A rap about Lyme Disease? Yep.

MC Bugg Z from the Fairfax County Health Department spits some truth about Lyme Disease.

FAIRFAX, Va. - Did you watch those awkward health videos in high school? The stilted, boring ones about embarrassing topics? Well, the Fairfax County Health Department is just out with a new one about a serious subject, and it's actually pretty funny.

"Yo, MC Bugg Z. We're dropping rhymes to target Lyme Disease. Calling attention to prevention, do a tick detection," raps bug biologist Andy Lima on the three minute video.

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Just in time for summer, the health department is using music and video to let people know how they can protect themselves and their families from ticks and the sometimes debilitating Lyme Disease they can carry.

"Take a shower ASAP when you get back inside, check your body with a mirror, because ticks like to hide," raps Lima.

He's also behind an anti-Zika rap video from a few years ago. But he's stepped up his rhymes with the help of the county cable channel.


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"You found a tick, don't panic. Use tweezers close to the head, pull slow and steady, until it detaches. Clean and disinfect the site, watch the bod for the next 30 days. Call the doc if you get rash, fever, or headache."

MC Bugg Z's next project: the mosquitos that can carry the West Nile virus. But he's still trying to figure out what rhymes with "Nile" and "virus."