NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- 13News Now has been following an amazing journey over the last year.

You may remember Norfolk State University women's basketball player, Amber Brown. She was found unresponsive in her dorm in January 2016.

She was in a medically-induced coma for a week and in the hospital for about a month.

She's been on the road to recovery for the past year.

"I played in my first rec ball game and I scored a 3," said Amber.

She doesn't suit up anymore for NSU, but she's not far from the gym. Staying close is a choice because her playing days were taken.

"Although she had all types of serious critical issues going on, I was just really happy she was still with us," said Amber's mother, Coretta Brown.

"You know how they always say good things happen to good people? Well, you just don't want something like that to happen," said Dominique Carter, Amber's friend and former teammate.

No one gave up---not her family, not her friends, and not Norfolk State.

"I visualized her walking back on campus and us having our mother and daughter conflicts," said Coretta as she spoke to 13News Now about being by Amber's side last year. She moved from Atlanta to Norfolk last year to be with Amber.

From the hospital, to rehab, and even once she got back to campus, Amber never stopped fighting.

"I had to know that I could take on a full load and be that confident college student that I once was before," said Amber.

"It's amazing. We've seen her at a very low-point and then to see her recover the way that she did, as well as she did, it's amazing," said Kieera Basey, a friend and former teammate.

Amber said she's happy, healthy, and excited to just be herself everyday.

"I wake up excited everyday just to be alive. It's wonderful," said Amber.

She's graduating with honors in May with a psychology degree.

She told 13News Now grad school is in her future.

She wants to thank all of the people who supported her over the last year.