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BENTLEY'S CORNER: Storm anxiety

How to calm your pets when storms roll in.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Spring in Hampton Roads means allergies, warmer temperatures, longer days... and thunderstorms.

For some animals, it can be downright terrifying!

"The best and most important thing is we watch the news every day and watch the weather. So we can see when the storms might be coming our way," said Nadine of Care-A-Lot Pet Supply.

But if you know a storm is coming, you can start treating your dog's fear well before it moves in.

"We can use calming products as the days progress into storm season. We have calming room sprays, you can spray their bedding, their den, their kennels. It has a canine pheromone in it to calm and reduce stress," Nadine said.

There are also tabs, soft chews and treats with herbs and oils that calm and support the nervous system. Providing these for your dog well ahead of the storm will help you get out in front of their fear.

If you aren't able to "pre-treat" before the storm arrives, there are remedies for during the storm, such as the "thunder jacket."

"Like a hug, it's basically a hug for our dog. It helps support that feeling of being calm and steady," said Nadine.

These are super easy to get onto your dogs and come in all sizes. They're even available for cats!

"It's not only for storms, but for vet visits or travel anxiety," Nadine explained.

And come July, this helps get a good handle on fireworks!