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Busch Gardens surprises military family with reunion

Navy SeaBee Chief J. Cunningham surprised his family at Busch Gardens, having come home following a 14-month deployment.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — A heartwarming reunion was caught on camera at Busch Gardens Williamsburg over the weekend.

The Cunningham family worked with the theme park to convince their children they were in a pre-planned film shoot.

But once they got on Griffon, the announcer made the big reveal:

"Today is a very special day, not only for Busch Gardens but for one family riding Griffon right now. Please welcome home to his family, Navy SeaBee Chief J. Cunningham!"

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The Navy father had just returned from his longest -- and final -- deployment to the Middle East!

After 14 months, his kids were shocked to see their dad!

The family spent the rest of the day riding the roller coasters at the park.

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