NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- October is National Physical Therapy Month.

Most of us have been to physical therapy before to rehab an injury, to help prevent an injury, or to deal with something that may be a little more chronic.

In honor of National PT Month, CHKD is excited to promote a new service, called the microcurrent technique, offered to children and adolescents with diagnosed pain or increased muscle tone.

What is the microcurrent technique?

  • Electrodes inside a moist washcloth comfortably placed on the child’s skin that conduct a very small, non-harmful current of electricity to the muscles to help improve function of the cells
  • The electric current matches that which is naturally produced by our body’s cells, so this technique is very safe and helps to relax our patients with diagnosed pain or increased muscle tone, in cases such as CP and torticollis

What should parents expect from this technique?

  • Children can be treated while lying down or playing, depending on his or her condition, and will not be able to feel the current.
  • At CHKD, we do take precautions with cardiac pacemakers, any types of pumps, spinal cord stimulators, and cardiac monitors. But microcurrent technique IS safe to use with pins, plates, artificial joints, and stents.
  • Be sure to keep your child hydrated prior to this type of therapy and be sure to pack them with an extra set or clothes and a blanket, in case they get wet from the cloths.

What other types of therapy are provided at CHKD and where are these services located?

  • CHKD offers physical therapy, sports med physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, with a variety of specialized clinics and programs
  • Our services are available at 11 different locations in VB, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and 3 offices on the peninsula.
  • We offer aquatic therapy, dance therapy, specialized therapy for children with autism, fitness classes, and a new drop foot clinic in Kempsville and Oyster Point

For more information click HERE or call (757)668-7000.