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Hampton Roads residents send supplies to family members hurt in the Philippines earthquake

Many Filipino residents living Hampton Roads have family where a earthquake killed and injured many people on Wednesday.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Many people in the Hampton Roads Filipino community are looking for updates on their family members. 

On Wednesday, a 7-magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines' northern city of Luzon.

“We are all very shocked and devastated and concerned about our family," said Dr. Cynthia Romero.

Many Filipino residents in Hampton Roads are hearing from family members back in the Philippines about the devastation left behind by the quake.

“Even some of the loose debris that fell, you know during the shake up, some of them were hit by that and suffering from some physical injuries," said Dr. Romero.

Dr. Romero is Chairman of the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater Incorporated. The group helps to maintain operations at the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia in Virginia Beach.

“Here in Hampton Roads, we have an estimated number of over 50,000 Filipinos," said Dr. Romero.

Dr. Romero said she has family living in the hardest hit area in Luzon.

“They wanted to relay to us that even though they were feeling the shocks and the aftershocks of the earthquake, that fortunately, they are all doing all right," said Dr. Romero.

Virginia Beach resident Kristine Caalim said she’s hearing from her family through Facebook. But, she said some of her friends are still hoping for a reply.

“I did talk to some of the family. The family friends that we have, they are still waiting to hear from relatives. Hopefully, in the next couple of hours we’ll hear back," said Caalim.

Romero and other leaders in the Hampton Roads Filipino community said they are working on ways to send supplies to their families in the Philippines soon.

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