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It's almost back to school time! One woman is rallying Virginia Beach to help teachers, schools prepare for the year

For eight years in a row, Shari Rubright posts on social media to gather back to school supplies for nearby schools. It's her way of giving back to educators.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — For most people, the start of school is about one month away but this week, one Virginia Beach woman is helping teachers get ready for the new school year in an unconventional way.

For the last eight years, Shari Rubright set bins out in front of her home and posted on Facebook to let people know the bins are to collect donations for schools and teachers that can use a little extra love.

"It warms my heart to be able to help, even if it's just a simple way,” said Rubright.

Rubright said she does it because she’s passionate about her home town of Virginia Beach and helping educators.

"I've always wanted to give back to teachers or schools that can't ask for things to be brought in all of the time,” said Rubright. "They don't get paid a big salary and they do so much."

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Later on, she delivers the supplies to schools like Seatack Elementary, where instructors can grab what they need from the community donations.

Rubright said the reactions are priceless.

"They're excited because they get, just like, 'I need crayons for my room,' or 'I need notebooks,'” said Rubright.

Looking back, she told 13News Now the neighborhood's support has turned into more supplies for students and teachers than she ever expected.

"Thousands and thousands [of school supplies]. I mean, really, because it just keeps multiplying."

She only collects donations for about a week or two. "It's easy. It's like me telling one friend and all of a sudden, they'll tell another friend, 'Hey I can stop by a Target and whenever and bring you supplies' and it comes together so quickly."

Rubright said she doesn't want credit for acts of kindness. All she wants is to encourage others to give back to educators, in their own way.

If you'd like to contact Rubright, you can send an email to: rubles@cox.net.