HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Anti-bullying awareness is a passion for Shanta Miller. She's been spreading her message for years and now she hopes other people can get on board.

She wants to put her anti-bullying logo on license plates across the state. She leads Parents Against Bullying.

Shanta got involved after her daughter, Iyana, was attacked by her bully in 2012.

"I think she's a super hero. That's how I see her," said Iyana, who's proud of her mother's work.

She was just 11-years-old when the attack happened. Iyana says she was brutally attacked on the school bus by her bully.

"It's a blessing that my daughter is still here and not every parent can say that, especially after an attack like that," said Shanta.

Now, Shanta and Iyana want to add more to their work and share it with others who hear their message.

To make the license plates a reality, they've gotten support from people all over, garnering nearly 2,000 signatures online.

They've also gotten the backing of Senator Mamie Locke. Now, they just need the 450 pre-orders so a bill can be drafted and it can be passed at the next General Assembly.

"I know they're going to sign it. We're just going to claim it and once they sign it, we want to turn over our 450 pre-paid license plates," she said.

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