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Police will issue turkeys instead of tickets to drivers in Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Police Department and other local groups have teamed up to give away turkeys in place of traffic tickets as an act of kindness.
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Roast Turkey in Thanksgiving Day.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Several drivers in Chesapeake could be let off the hook on Friday, but this isn't a pass to drive recklessly.

The Chesapeake Police Department said they are giving away turkeys instead of traffic tickets on Dec. 11. This will only depend on the drivers' attitude and the conditions of the traffic stop. 

Police are doing this as an act of kindness and said they're working with the Chesapeake Jubilee Committee, the Chesapeake Crime Line, Kroger and many other groups that are sponsoring the event.

Citizen Rodney Foster is the man who started the act of kindness, by raising money from a large group of sponsors. He was able to get support from the Chesapeake Jubilee and Kroger.

Both groups eventually got together to work with CPD and the Crime Line. 

Kroger is in its third year of supporting CPD as a sponsor. 

According to officers, any money that is raised will be donated to the Chesapeake Crime Line. 

Drivers will also receive a business card with their turkey. 

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