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Six names added to Catholic Diocese of Richmond allegations of abuse list

Six names have been added to the list of dozens of clergy who had credible and substantiated claims of sexual abuse made against them.

RICHMOND, Va. — The Catholic Diocese of Richmond added six names Thursday to the list of clergy who have allegations against them of credible and substantiated accusations of sexual abuse of a minor.

On February 13, a list of 42 clergy members who had a "credible and substantiated allegation" of sexual abuse involving a child made against them was released.

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The names were added after additional information was brought forward and a review was completed in consultation with the Diocesan Office of Safe Environment and the Diocesan Review Board.

Names added to the list:

  • Stanley F. Banaszek: Deceased
  • Anthony M. Canu: Deceased
  • Patrick J. Cassidy: Deceased
  • Leonardo G. Mateo: Deceased
  • Thomas D. Sykes: Deceased
  • Vincent The Quang Nguyen: Unknown

Consistent with the other names on the list, none of the newly added individuals currently are serving nor have recently served in active ministry within the Diocese of Richmond.

Patrick J. Cassidy worked throughout Hampton Roads at the following locations:

  • Christ the King, Norfolk
  • Church of St. Therese, Chesapeake
  • Holy Comforter Catholic Church, Charlottesville
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary, Blackstone
  • Saint Ann Catholic Church, Colonial Heights
  • Saint Joseph, Petersburg
  • Saint Paul, Portsmouth
  • Saint Paul, Richmond
  • Star of the Sea, Virginia Beach

“Back in February, when we published a list of clergy against whom there are credible and substantiated claims of child sexual abuse, we acknowledged the list would be updated,” said the Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout, bishop of Richmond.  “As we continue to engage with survivors of abuse and learn more about the history of our diocese, we continue our commitment to transparency. It is my sincere hope that the additions of these individuals will help provide healing for anyone who suffered at their hands.”

Full List from the Diocese

Priests of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond:

  • Beardsley, Fredrick James: Suspended
  • Blankenship, John Paul: Convicted/Laicized
  • Bostwick, John Raymond: Removed
  • Butler, John Robert: Laicized
  • Patrick J. Cassidy: Deceased
  • Dozier, Carrol T.*: Deceased
  • Goff, Richard Bernard: Laicized
  • Goodman, Julian B.: Removed
  • Hesch, John Beaman *: Deceased
  • Higgins, Philip J.: Removed
  • Leonard, John E.: Convicted/Removed
  • Leveille, Roland Edmund: Dispensed
  • Majewski, Joseph B.: Suspended
  • McConnell, James Henry*: Deceased
  • Murphy, Dennis Paul: Suspended
  • Pham, Joseph Thang Xuan: Suspended
  • Rizer, James Lee: Deceased
  • Rodriquez, Oscar Alexander "Paul": Convicted
  • Rule, Steven R.: Suspended
  • Shrader, Dwight Edward: Laicized
  • Teslovic, Eugene John: Removed

Priests ordained in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, alleged to have committed abuse in the present-day territory of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and later incardinated to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, or alleged to have committed abuse in both dioceses:

  • Findlay, Harris Markam*: Laicized
  • Kamerdze, Paul Jude*: Deceased
  • Krafcik, Andrew William Paul: Laicized
  • Munley, John Joseph*: Deceased
  • Nudd, Robert Eugene*: Deceased
  • Rea, John*: Deceased
  • Reinecke, William Thomas*: Deceased
  • Ryder, Austin Lewis*: Deceased

Religious and Priests of Other Dioceses with allegations of abuse that occurred in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond:

  • Brady, Martin D., TOR, Franciscan: Deceased
  • Burkhardt, Gordian, OSB, Benedictine: Laicized
  • Earley, Richard, R. SSJ, Josephite: Deceased
  • George, Frederick, OSB, Benedictine: Removed
  • George, George, Maronite: Convicted
  • Melody, Roland (Owen John), m.s.ss.t, Trinitarian: Convicted
  • Philben Francis M., CSS p, Holy Ghost*: Deceased
  • Ryan, Paul David, Ballarat, Australia: Convicted/Removed
  • Smalls, Oliver Joseph, Belize, S. A.: Unknown
  • Thomas D. Sykes: Deceased

Religious and Priests of Other Dioceses with allegations of abuse elsewhere, who worked in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond:

  • Stanley F. Banaszek: Deceased
  • Bourbon, Francis R., S.J., Jesuit: Unknown
  • Burton, Charles Jeffries, S.J., Jesuit: Removed
  • Anthony M. Canu: Deceased
  • Dyer, Bernardine George, O.P., Dominican Friar: Dismissed
  • Fedor, James, Scranton: Laicized
  • Vincent The Quang Nguyen: Unknown
  • Leonardo G. Mateo: Deceased
  • Ludwig, Augustine, OSB, Benedictine: Abandoned Ministry
  • Scales, Donald: Deceased


*The allegation of abuse was made after the priest’s death.

The Diocese of Richmond urges individuals who have been sexually abused by a priest, deacon, religious, lay employee or volunteer of the diocese to report abuse directly to law enforcement, including Child Protective Services (CPS) at 1-800-5527096, and by calling the Attorney General’s Clergy Abuse Hotline at 1-833-454-9064. 

Individuals are also encouraged to contact the 24-hour confidential Victim Assistance Reporting (VAC) number at 1-877887-9603 or email vac@richmonddiocese.org to report sexual abuse.

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