A car seat began smoking due to the heat of the sun and a mirror used to keep an eye on your baby. A mother posted the video on Facebook. It’s now reached more than nine million views.

Police are issuing warnings after seeing the viral video.

"Gravity is going to take over in a crash,” Public Information Officer Tim Aycock said.

As for the mirror you “secured” in your vehicle, Officer Aycock says, “There's no way to guarantee it's properly secured. We recommend not to put any after-market products in a vehicle. Our thing is it's not from the vehicle manufacturer, so a lot of times it may not be tested with that vehicle for that particular item."

The officer described the video as disturbing. “I've obviously seen the mirrors, but you wouldn't think the sun reflecting would be able to activate the fire retardant like that. I've never seen anything like that. Obviously, there's fire retardant from airbags and things like that, and it'll put off that kind of smell, but I've never seen it actually happen on a child's seat."

Whether a mirror like the one you see in the video, or an object on the floorboard of your car, any item puts your child at risk.