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Congressman Scott upset over potential cuts to federal housing funding

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) - 3rd District Congressman Bobby Scott says he's disappointed in President Donald Trump's proposed Budget over the possible cuts for federal housing programs and funding.

President Donald Trump's proposed budget could have major impacts on federal housing programs. Many are on the chopping block. Those programs and grants help pay employees, fund programs, and help renovate complexes like the one here in Newport News.

"This is going on in Marshall Courts and we want to have this similar construction in other places but without the funds, that's not going to happen," said Congressman Scott.

Scott toured the renovations going on at Marshall Courts. He says funding should be a priority. If not, he said it will be hard to serve people.

"They will make it virtually impossible even the ones they are serving today. In addition to that this construction money you can see Marshall that should have only taken three years is taking about ten," said Congressman Scott.

The renovations at Marshall Court are life changing for many. Homes are getting updated with HVAC systems and new appliances, which Redevelopment and Housing Authority Executive Director Karen Wilds says lowers the upkeep cost for them. She does say it's going to be hard to keep doing this if funding keeps getting cut.

"We know the need is very very great and we are not able to serve all of the families in Newport News who are eligible for this program, and to see us lose ground with the possibility of maybe having to tear some units down or not address people's living is very discouraging,"'explained Wilds.

Congressman Scott says he plans to fight for funding and take his thoughts back to Washington.

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