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Cox cable goes digital, Here's how you can watch 13News Now programming

Hand with tv remote control

The day has finally came. The day that many were dreading, the day that many hoped would be delayed.

The day Cox Cable fully transitioned to a digital-only format.

Cox cable announced their plans to go digital-only in November of 2015. With the move, customers without a converter box will have to pay an additional monthly charge, or they will lose their signal. Customers will no longer be able to connect their TVs directly into the wall. Instead, they will have to order a mini box in order to continue service.

The mini box costs $2.99 each month for customers in Virginia. If you have multiple televisions in your home, you will have to order a mini box for each television set.

The phase out began in January, but Tuesday was the last day that people without the mini box's were able to watch televised content.

If you do not have a Cox mini box and wish to still view 13News Now programming you are able to through an over-the-air signal. This means that you are able to view ABC-13 on your television using a digital TV antenna. You can purchase a digital TV antenna at stores such as Walmart and Target.

You can also watch out newscasts on 13Newsnow.com. Newscast are streamed daily.