VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Virginia Beach man charged with DUI says police unjustly shot his dog to death.

Police say an officer was forced to shoot the dog after attempting to arrest Theodore Schlossman, 38, for driving under the influence Monday night.

Police received a report around 9:20 p.m. about a driver who was possibly intoxicated in the 900 block of Norfolk Ave. Authorities say an officer conducted a traffic stop on Schlossman.

We're told the officer attempted to place the suspect under arrest when he began to resist, and released his dog from his vehicle.

Police say the dog became aggressive and the officer was forced to shoot, killing it.

Schlossman told 13News Now from behind bars that police have the story wrong about his American Bulldog, named "Chopper."

"Anyone who knows my dog knows he's not aggressive towards people," said Schlossman. "I never thought it would happen to me. My dog was raised good."

Schlossman admitted to drinking two beers and a shot before getting into his truck. Regardless, he said nothing justified his canine partner of two years being killed.

"The police, they're so eager to shoot something. They're so eager to pull their guns out," said Schlossman. "His tail was wagging while he was jumping out of the truck, just like he was when he was laying on the concrete dead after they shot him."

Schlossman faces numerous charges, including driving under the influence, obstruction of justice, possession of a schedule II narcotic, possession of marijuana and threatening the life of a law enforcement officer.

Police are still investigating this case.

A judge denied Schlossman bond after because of his "lengthy criminal history" that included arson and an out-of-state DUI. The Commonweath's Attorney also claimed Schlossman threatened to kill authorities if he was released from jail.

He has a preliminary hearing set for November.