As East Tennessee sheriff's office wins the prize for coming up with the most creative way to go after suspected criminals.

On Wednesday, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office posted a video on their Facebook page introducing a "game" called "Busted Bingo."

busted bingo_1510858432645-60988.JPG

The video says the department has too many warrants out and the winner of the game each week gets "an all-inclusive stay" in the department's jail.

The Bingo board is made up of 24 people with warrants out for their arrest. Sheriff Wayne Anderson turns to the Bingo cage to select the winning number of the person they are going to go after, and this week, the number 10 was the unlucky number that put a target on Carrie Winters.

The Bristol woman was wanted for theft of property and failure to appear.

Carrie Winters. Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.
Carrie Winters. Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

"So girl, you might as well cowgirl up, come on in, kiss your boyfriend goodbye, give your mama a big hug, 'cause if you don't, we're gonna come get you and bring you to jail," Anderson said in the video.

The unusual approach apparently worked. A few hours later, the sheriff's office posted that Winters had been found, and the video has been viewed more than 25 thousand times on Facebook.

Sheriff Anderson is no stranger to the spotlight. The National Geographic Channel scored successful seasons featuring his department in its "Southern Justice" series.