VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A judge certified the charges against a delivery driver involved in a crash that killed one teenager and seriously injured another.

Police said that on May 19, Jerode Demetrius Johnson was driving a delivery box truck on Indian River Road when he lost control, over-corrected and crossed the center line, hitting an SUV.

Great Bridge High School seniors Kaitlyn Duffy and Sabrina Mundorff were inside the SUV. Kaitlyn died, while Sabrina was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Prosecutors said Mundorff's arm is permanently fused in a bent position and the teen continues to deal with life-changing injuries.

Still0521_00000_1495367638765.jpg kaitlyn duffy sabrina mundorff
<p>High schoolers Kaitlyn Duffy (left) and Sabrina Mundorff (right) were in an SUV when they were struck head-on by a delivery truck. Duffy died from her injuries, while Mundorff remains in the hospital. The delivery truck driver is facing charges.</p>

During a two hour court hearing on Friday, the prosecutor presented evidence that cocaine was detected in Johnson's urine, and a doctor said his BAC was between .12 and .16. Johnson also allegedly failed sobriety tests.

One witness who saw the crash testified that after the accident, Johnson looked at the teens and asked, "Are they dead? Are they dead?" before running from the scene when he heard sirens.

Johnson also repeatedly asked about his father, whom prosecutors said was in the passenger seat of the truck during the crash.

More than a dozen of Duffy's family and friends were in court for the hearing. Tammy Duffy, Kaitlyn's mother, got emotional at times.

"We just miss her everyday. We miss her every single day," said Duffy. "Court is hard for me."

She described having to face the man accused of killing her daughter on a repeated basis.

"It was actually just as upsetting actually as it was the first time," said Duffy.

At the conclusion of the hearing, charges of felony DUI manslaughter, DUI maiming, and hit and run were certified against Johnson.

His next court appearance is scheduled for December 5.