VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- At a time when most people were thinking about recovering from snow at the Oceanfront, police say a crook was hard at work.

Court records said more than a dozen parked cars were broken into January 12th, right after a snow storm hit the area.

Christian Crawford, 19, was arrested a day later after police connected him to the crimes.

Documents say the break-ins happened at various locations, but surveillance video caught the masked teen at a garage in the 3000 block of Atlantic Avenue. That's near the popular Hilton Hotel and Neptune Statue.

The paperwork detailed how Crawford drove up to different vehicles and smashed windows, taking laptops, luggage and even household items.

The cameras caught his license plate, which eventually brought police to his home 20 miles away in Norfolk off Fairfield Street.

Police found luggage with a victim's name in Crawford's backyard along with a pile of clothes. They also found various items like jewelry, ammunition, debit cards and masks in his car.

He eventually admitted to the larcenies, documents say.

Crawford faces a list of charges including 15 counts of Injuring/Tampering with vehicles and grand larceny.

He remains in jail and is scheduled to appear before a judge in March.