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Norfolk man sentenced after claiming God told him to take acid, attack woman

Christopher Kelley was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attacking a woman and destroying her home.
Christopher Kelley

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney sentenced 44-year-old Christopher Kelley on Tuesday after he hit a woman, threw her against a wall and dislocated her jaw back in June 2018.

The office of the commonwealth said Kelley was charged and sentenced for malicious wounding, possession of schedule I/II drugs and destruction of property.

On June 23, 2018, the victim was asleep in her bed when she heard a commotion in her living room. According to the commonwealth attorney's release, she thought it was her children and their friends, and went out to check what was going on. 

She found Kelley, who she knew, in her home. He proceeded to hit her, throw her against a wall, punch her in the eye, and break her nose. He shoved his thumbs in her mouth and dislocated her jaw. 

Before that, he had already destroyed the televisions in her home and knocked over a 1500 gallon fish tank. 

After the attack, Kelley left the home as police responded to the scene. When they arrived, officers found Kelley laying in the middle of the road -- shirtless -- talking to God.

The Office of the Commonwealth said he was shouting "God told me to beat that old lady," and "she had the mark of the beast." He had baggies filled with pills and clear strips. 

Upon testing, the Department of Forensic Science determined it was LSD and MDA in the bags. 

Kelley told police the clear strips were acid (given to him by God) and he took them before the attack because God told him to. 

On June 12, 2019, Kelley plead guilty to the charges. Now, he will spend 25 years in prison with 14 years suspended, and 11 years to serve. 

Kelley has prior convictions for abduction, assault and battery of a family member (two counts), obtaining money by false pretenses, destruction of property, DUI, petit larceny (two counts), and several traffic infractions, probation violations and failure to appear charges.

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