PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A woman in Portsmouth is speaking out after the man who hit her was acquitted of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Portsmouth police arrested officer Eric Rodgers and charged him with a DUI last year. On September 16, 2018, Rodgers was involved in a crash at the intersection of Victory and Cavalier Boulevards in Portsmouth with Mashia Williams.

“I didn’t know he was a cop until days later," said Williams.

According to court documents, “there was a smell of alcoholic beverage coming from Rodgers person. His speech was slow. He walked without swaying but his pace was also slow.”

Rodgers also admitted to drinking two large beers before driving.

Court paperwork stated that Rodgers had a blood alcohol concentration of .13 which is above the state's legal limit, .08. But on Wednesday, a judge acquitted Rodgers of the DUI

Attorney Andrew Protogyrou said based on what documents said of that night, Rodgers didn’t get preferential treatment for being a police officer.

“If he had not performed any of the field sobriety tests not performed any breathalyzer, not been taken before a magistrate, then that’s a different ball game. That’s something that would have shown that he received favor, and I don’t think the officer received favor at all,” said Protogyrou. 

Williams said the ruling is unfair, and if roles were reversed, she wouldn’t have gotten off.

"I would have gotten convicted if it was me,” said Williams. Now Williams’s focus is trained on fundraising to pay for all of her medical bills.

“I have nerve damage in my back, my hand and my leg. My uterus shifted, my jaw shifted, I had a torn rotator cuff and my bicep was damaged from when he hit me,” said Williams.