NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Leaders of the B'nai Israel Congregation are working with Norfolk police after their surveillance cameras caught two people breaking in and wandering the halls.

"It's really awful. A place of worship like that is really sacred for people," said Andrea Ruege, who lives in Ghent near the synagogue.

The President of the synagogue, Jeffrey Brooke, said they've been working closely with Norfolk police and hopes this case ends in arrests.

He said in a written statement:

"Our congregation is saddened to report the recent break in and theft which occurred at our synagogue. Fortunately our security cameras captured high resolution images of the perpetrators, and measures have been taken to improve security at our premises. We are working closely with the Norfolk Police Department and appreciate how seriously they have taken this incident. We are confident that the case will be resolved by arrests."

In the video sent to 13News Now, the two suspects are seen walking in the hallway and sitting around. It also appeared they were drinking and smoking.

In pictures outside of the synagogue, they're seen walking in. and then leaving wearing hats 13News Now was told belongs to B'Nai Israel.

Police said there was vandalism and some trashing inside the building.

"Whoever did that garbage does not represent the rest of this community," said Daniel McNamara, who lives nearby and said he knows people who attend that synagogue.