VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- An 18-year-old will spend 50 years in prison after two people were shot to death days apart in December 2016.

Nicolas Isaiah Cates plead guilty to his involvement in the shootings on July 17.

According to court documents, Cates was on break from his job at Taco Bell when him and a friend drove around a nearby neighborhood. The two stopped in the Cardinal Estates neighborhood when they saw Zacarias Aguilar-Ayala sitting in a nearby truck. Cates' friend got out of the car and used Cates' gun to shoot Aguilar-Ayala multiple times, killing him.

Cates' and his friend then drove back to Taco Bell and he finished working his shift.

Two days later, Cates and his friend Maurice Boney decided to go out and "take a life." The two drove around until they saw Christine Bender smoking a cigarette in front of her home on Campion Court. Cates reportedly said "she's the one."

Cates walked up to Boney and asked to use her lighter. She let him, and upon getting it back turned to walk back to her home before Cates opened fire, shooting her multiple times. The two boys then went back home and woke a friend up to tell him what they had done.

When police brought Cates in for questioning, he reportedly made several incriminating statements.

Boney later confessed to his involvement in Bender's death and told police where he threw the gun away after dismantling it. He will be sentenced on December 12. The juvenile connected to the death of Aguilar-Ayala will be in court October 31.

Cates was sentenced to 100 years in prison, with 50 suspended on charges of First Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm, and Accessory After the Fact-Homicide.