VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — One of four people arrested after police raided a massage parlor in Virginia Beach for an alleged hub for sex trafficking pleaded guilty, while two others who had already been convicted have been sentenced.

On Tuesday, Tiehu Cai pleaded guilty to his charges of Maintain or Frequent Bawdy Place, Using Vehicle to Promote Prostitution, and Pander, Pimp or Receive Money from Prostitute.

Then on the following day, Haihong Li and Wang Daoju were sentenced for their roles in the same case.

Homeland Security Investigations and Virginia Beach Police went through the business located in the 5200 block of Princess Anne Road in Kempsville in June.

In the Commonwealth's Statement of Facts, it claims Cai would pick up women from the bus station and take them back to his house, a family member’s house, or one of the parlors. From there, Cai or another female employee would train the women on how to give massages. They would be instructed to charge each massage $40. During the massage, the women would have the men turn onto their backs cover than in oil and begin to rub the inner thigh/groin area. 

Court documents claim some women would ask, "'You want,' and point to the penis. Others would ask 'is this ok' as they attempted to rub the penis."

An additional $40 fee would be discussed, and once the money is exchanged the woman would perform sexual favors for the additional fee.

On several occasions between May 7, 2019, and June 11, 2019, members of the Virginia Beach Special Investigation Unit would pose as customers at several parlors.

Court documents said once the massage started, the women would ask the detectives to turn over and expose their genitals.

The documents continue to say that each instance a massage fee would be negotiated, but the typical cost was an additional $40 in exchange for a sexual act like manual masturbation or oral sex.  In one instance, the cost was negotiated for $120 in exchange for “full service” sex.

The documents said, "an act of furtherance was done and the detectives would 'have an emergency' and have to leave before the actual sex act was started."

On June 11, 2019, Detective Hearl walked out of the room to leave, due to his “emergency”, and saw the woman he just paid hand the money to the defendant Tiehu Cai.

The detectives worked the undercover operations on eight separate instances before securing warrants on Cai.

Here' the full statement of facts:

Investigators told 13News Now the point of the raid was to identify, stop, and deter human trafficking in the area while identifying potential victims. 

Four people were arrested in connection to the alleged hub: Tiehu Cai, Wang Daoju, Haihong Li, and Juan Fu.

Li pleaded guilty to prostitution and was sentenced to 240 days with 180 suspended, plus a $50 fine.

Daoju was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 60 days to serve.

The fourth suspect, Juan Fu, has a court hearing scheduled for September 11.

Massage Arrest Mugs
From left: Wang Daoju, Haihong Li, Juan Fu, and Tiehu Cai
Virginia Beach Police

Cai is expected to be sentenced for his crimes in November.

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