VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -– Delays with the Holland Road expansion project have drivers concerned about safety.

“It’s very hard to see because there’s no lighting. It’s very dark. You can’t see the street,” Bernadine Williams said.

Street lights haven't been installed on the road, and since it's the winter months it's getting darker earlier. This makes it harder for drivers to see during rush hour.

“It’s too dark. I avoid the road. I don't even go down there anymore,” Joanne Garmin said.

Back in August, VDOT told 13News Now it was aiming to complete this project by October of this year. However, utility conflicts pushed the completion date back.

VDOT now hopes to have four lanes open by the end of this year. Finishing touches such as landscaping may continue into early 2018.

The City of Virginia Beach is responsible for installing the street lights, not VDOT. A city spokesperson said the city’s contractor can't install the lights until VDOT is finished with its work.

“I’ve stopped over there before and I've asked why don't you guys get temporary lights? And they said we don't do that,” Williams said.

13News Now asked VDOT and the city if temporary lights are an option.

VDOT said it does not plan to add temporary lighting along the road because there is currently no infrastructure in place until the city comes through with its lighting project. The city reiterated that lighting must wait until VDOT’s work is completed.

Once the work is finished, the street light installation should take about two months.

VDOT said reflective barrels, flagged stop signs and lighted message boards are in place to help guide motorists. The speed limit is 35 mph, and drivers are advised to use caution while driving in that corridor.