GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A bill making its way through the South Carolina legislature would require every public school to display posters saying "In God We Trust.”

Greenville Rep. Mike Burns, who is a Republican, says it’s time to bring the word “God” back in the school system.

If passed, the bill will require the State Board of Education to create a standard poster, one side will say "In God We Trust.”

The other will display the state motto in Latin, “While I Breathe I Hope.”

“I would enjoy seeing it passed and just having that extra encouragement as a Christian family," said Lisa Cruz.

The Fort Mill mother has two sons who attend public schools in South Carolina. “I could see how it would offend other people, non-Christians,” she said.

Rep. Burns says his goal isn’t to push the agenda of a certain religion.

“Just because somebody references the name God doesn't mean that you’re pouring religion over their head,” said Rep. Burns.

Yet some are concerned it could be taken that way.

“It kind of pushes an agenda that those who worship one God are the only ones that matter,” said Dr. Peter Judge.

Dr. Judge is the chair of Philosophy and Religious studies at Winthrop University. He says outside of Judaism, Christianity and Islam there are several religions that don’t even worship a God.

“For instance in Buddhism, they don’t have a specific God to worship,” said Dr. Judge. “It’s a way of discovering your true spirituality.”

The bill is pending for discussion in a house subcommittee.

Rep. Burns says that discussion could start as early as March.