NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Most kids love a good snow day, but seven of them in a two week span could be a bit much. Students are beginning to fear their grades could suffer.

When you count snow days and holidays, students at Newport News Public Schools, have only been to school five days in the past four weeks.

Lyanna Iverson, a 10th grader at Warwick High School, is worried she is going to forget everything before mid-terms, which are scheduled for next week.

“I’m worried if I’m going to fail or not because I haven’t gotten all my classes,” said Iverson. “It’s hard because you come to school, and then you got to make up work, you don’t have time to study, so if you fail the exam your grade is going to go down.”

Because of all the snow days Newport News School Board Chairman, Gary Hunter, said students will not be penalized if they do poorly on the exams.

For some people, the loss of instructional time has opened a discussion as to whether school divisions should push back scheduled exams.

“They need more time to prepare, it’s unforeseen occurrences, so they should be given more time,” said parent Sherry Armstrong.

“As far as exams and all that, they got more than enough time to actually study because they got all the days off to actually do that,” said Sherry Lyles.

April Cofield's daughter has special needs. She said not everything you miss at school can simply be made up at home.

“It’s very frustrating because with kids with down syndrome, you know, we have to keep them consistent, it has to be a repetitive thing, and with her missing I have to do all this plus go to work,” said Cofield.