PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) - Tidewater Community College is moving its Visual Arts Center out of Portsmouth. For the past 27 years, it's been located off High Street in the old The Famous department store.

The school wants to possibly move the Visual Arts Center to Norfolk to expand the program.

"The elevator has gone out of service a few times. Issues like that start making you think, 'OK, maybe it would be a good idea to look at an alternative location,'" explained school spokesperson Marian Anderfuren.

Anderfuren said they also want to expand the programs. TCC plans to connect its visual arts and culinary arts programs, and Anderfuren said the current building is too small.

"We looked at some other properties in the city, looked at the [now vacant] Sports Hall of Fame and nothing, no buildings were thought to be suitable," said Anderfuren.

Norfolk came to mind, because they believe it would be a better fit. Seven-hundred kids attend the Arts programs, and 90 percent of them live in Norfolk or Virginia Beach.

"Tolls are a fact of life and when you are a college student, tolls cans can take a toll," Anderfuren explained.

As of now, TCC does not have a new space. Anderfuren believes it will be in Norfolk and many students are happy about the change.

"It's a good thing. Parking may not be as bad as here, where people rush for the few spots," a student explained.

The move from Portsmouth is expected to happen in 2020.

13News Now did reach out to Mayor John Rowe several times to get his opinion on the move. We also called each council member. No one returned our calls.