VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) — Virginia Beach City Public Schools is preparing to utilize three Virtual Learning Days to make up for three days-worth of missed classes due to Hurricane Florence.

The school system canceled school for four days as residents prepared for the storm's landfall.

Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence has waived the fourth day for students by using time built into the school year.

Virtual Learning Days are a way to grow students' capacity for independent learning while utilizing online resources, according to VBCPS.

Students will be provided assignments designed to replicate their learning experience in school which can be completed on the Virtual Learning Day or over a designated 10-day window of time.

They can be completed online or using paper and pen/pencil, depending on the student's need. Teachers will also be given an hour of time during the day to answer any e-mails or questions from students about their work.

The days will be used on October 8, November 6 and January 28.