NORFOLK, Va. — A team of architects from England has put up a giant, inflatable sculpture in Downtown Norfolk in honor of the 25th birthday of Nauticus.

It’s called the Albesila Luminarium. It’s a 27-dome maze featuring different patterns and colors that visitors can walk-through.

Chesapeake-native Taryn McDougal was visiting the creation with her family.

“Gorgeous. It’s so relaxing,” she said.

Her husband Daniel added, “I walked through the first red spot and like my eyes changed, it felt soothing to them actually.” 

The otherworldly, hand-sewn PVC structure is the work of Nottingham, England-based company Architects of Air.

It features dramatic colors from room to room and different patterns.

Team member Gabriel Burden said the group is in town until the April 21, at the invitation of Nauticus.

“Quite often you’ll see in a little pod, you’ll see a family just chilling out together, all curled up and just looking at the colors," Burden said. "All quiet and calm. That’s what we like. We like people to be calm and just enjoy the space.” 

You can visit the Luminarium weekdays from noon to 6 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends at MacArthur Center Green until April 21.