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Facial recognition connects owners with lost dogs in a high-tech world

You may have seen facial recognition work on Facebook, but now the technology is being used to help find lost dogs.

The Solano County Animal Shelter is experimenting with a new phone app called Finding Rover.

"It's a facial recognition program that is able to identify your animal." explained shelter worker Amanda Hoover.

The app allows dog owners to uses pictures of their dog to search animal shelter data bases all over the US.

Right now the APP only works with dogs. Cats will come later. The program has had success at other shelters in California.

Solano County is testing it because they are finding pet owners are not properly registering their dogs micro chip.

"People lose the info or don't register their dogs and we have no way of contacting them. Then the chip is unless." Hoover said.

Not all shelters are equipped to scan pet micro chips. The app allows owners to expand their search nation wide.

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