Caitliyn Frisina, the 17-year-old Florida girl who was missing for a week and believed to be with her soccer coach, has been found in New York and is safe, according to reports.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office tweeted that she had been found.

Frisina was discovered to have left her Lake City home with Rian Rodriguez, 27, her soccer coach.

It wasn't immediately clear whether she was found with Rodriguez.

A missing child alert had been issued for Caitlyn Frisina. They said Frisina left her home on her own and left her phone, which she fully erased.

According to First Coast News, Rodriguez was a coach for the boys' soccer team at Fort White High School. He was suspended pending the investigation, but on Tuesday night, he was fired. First Coast News was told he was fired for not showing up to work.

"By not showing up, he's absent without leave and we just felt like the best thing to do at this point was go ahead and terminate him and cut our ties with him," said Columbia County School Board Chairman Keith Hudson at a board meeting Tuesday. He also said Rodriguez is restricted from all contact with students at Fort White.

Sheriff Mark Hunter didn't detail the relationship between Frisina and Rodriguez and said his primary focus was to bring the teen home safely.

"She's with a person who is 10 years her senior in a supervisory capacity over her as a coach," Hunter said. "She is legally a juvenile. Although she's 17 years old, she's still unable to consent by law."

Hunter said Rodriguez faces possible criminal charges of interference with child custody and could face further charges depending on what the investigation yields.

CBS News contributed to this report.