YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) — The National Park Service estimates about 21,000 National park service employees are furloughed with the shutdown.

Some of those employees work at many parks across Hampton Roads including Fort Monroe and Colonial National Park, in Yorktown.

The National Park Service estimated national parks lost $7 million in revenue during the 2013 shutdown.

That’s shutdown lasted 16 days.

Depending on how long this shutdown lasts, it could be another big loss as well.

Local people we spoke with said they’re upset about the closures too for many reasons.

‪Hampton Roads resident Gary Davis, told us he expects government to work out problems before a shutdown.

He said, “it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”‬

V‪isitors we met traveled near and far to see the American history in Hampton Roads.‬

‪“Makes me sad because I would love to see George Washington’s tent I mean,” said Tom Karczewski.‬

‪He’s a ‬Marine Corps veteran who flew from Kansas City, Missouri to enjoy Virginia’s history on his birthday.

‪Stephanie Rigtrup and her daughter traveled from Seattle to see the sites, which are now locked down as well.‬

‪She said, “People are traveling there’s life is happening and things need to still go on so it’s frustrating that shutdown.”‬

‪Her daughter, Gabriella Rigtrup said, “it’s a shame that I can’t soak up all the history.”‬

To check the status of national parks reopening you can find a link to the National Park Resource website here.

Right now the website explains the need to be updated, but once the furloughed staff is back it’ll say when parks are back open.